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Staging  Business Course

The Staging Business Course is for aspiring or current staging business owners. Review staging business models, team management strategies, inventory acquisition and management, pricing and acquiring customers.


The Staging Business Course is a one month course with once a week trainings for 5 hours.  The Staging Business Course is $1500.

Welcome to Tiffany Parker Coaching Services. As an experienced home staging business owner, I offer a range of coaching services for aspiring stagers and business owners. My extensive knowledge of the industry, combined with my unique perspective and passion, makes me the ideal choice for anyone who wants to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, improve your sales and marketing strategies, or simply become a better stager, I provide the personalized support you need to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

As the Principal Owner and founder of Parker Interiors, LLC and Wynnwood Home Market, LLC, I lead a team of passionate managers, stagers, designers and movers to oversee the execution of over 500 home staging projects every year. 

Upcoming Home Staging Courses

Home Staging 101- Introductory overview to the art of staging a home for sale. Learn design styles and how to implement them to sell a home quickly.  Hands on training at picking and designing staging packages. Basic tips and tricks for aspiring stagers such as focal points and rapid installation strategies.


Home Staging 102-  Follow up course to Home Staging 101 focused on advanced vignette building for surfaces, making the perfect bed for staging, selecting the right furnishings, styling a sofa and techniques for hanging art.


Home Staging 101 & Home Staging 102 are each two hour classes offered at our Gaithersburg warehouse weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-12pm.  The course is $250. 

Register for Home Staging 101 or Home Staging 102-

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