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Service Drives Business Success

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When I started this business in 2009, it quickly became apparent to me that this was serious business. Fresh off of a career in corporate and government, I looked forward to the creative freedom and relative lightness of home staging. It was a pleasant surprise learn that my staging clients were as serious as any corporate or government client and looked to me for calm expertise much more than my ability to play around with accent pillows and art work. Many of my clients were desperate for guidance, overwhelmed and really under a lot of pressure. If you've ever sold a home, you can understand the overwhelming series of decisions that need to be made. Not to mention the other life factors like divorce, sudden death of a spouse or parent, job changes, growing families, etc. that cause people to have to sell a home-sometime suddenly.

It was during these days that I developed the mantra "how can I help". How can I help? The answer to this question varied dramatically from client to client, sometimes extended beyond the scope of staging and very often beyond what I was even capable of doing. Sometimes my eagerness to be helpful to my clients backfired. We've lost clients. We've made mistakes. Even today, I drive my staff insane with my eagerness to be helpful to clients. If a client needs something a little extra, if we can help, we do it.

Overtime, I've learned that we exist to serve. I, personally, exist to serve and so does this business. The new programs and services that we recently added, including our Parker Furniture Rental, Open House Express, pay at closing, Staging Training and Parker Moving & Storage services are simply a response to needs expressed by our clients. We want to be as helpful as possible to real estate agents, investors, homeowners, aspiring stagers, corporate and government clients and the general public. Eleven years later, we have many more clients, with many different needs. Staging & furniture trends change every year but this aspect of the the business remains constant. We remain committed to being of service to our clients in every way we possibly can.

Tiffany Parker, Founder & CEO, Parker Interiors/Parker Staging. For more information about Tiffany visit . More information about Parker Staging services can be found at www.parkeronline.comBlogging from Your Wix Blog Dashboard

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