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Why I Believe in Affordable, Accessible Staging

For nearly 11 years I’ve worked with agents, investors and builders so following real estate trends is key part of my job. In order to be effective at running a staging company, I have to keep my ear to the ground regarding the challenges people face when selling a property. Today, the DC area real estate market is churning, but purse strings are tightening. Home staging is as important as it has ever been to helping properties sell quickly for top dollar, but we believe that staging doesn’t have to- and should not- ‘break the bank’.

One of the founding principles of Parker Staging is accessibility. We believe strongly that every property benefits from some level of staging. At its most fundamental level, staging is about furnishing and decorating a home in a way that appeals to a broad number of buyers and enhances the positive features of a space. In the DC market, staging is sometimes co-mingled with interior design, which is about personal taste; not what appeals to the majority of people. This co-mingling can be costly in terms of real money and time. And there is no data to support that this approach sells faster or for more money. So why pay more when you can save money and get the same results?

Parker Staging is focused on delivering a solid product without sticker shock. We understand that your goal is to make money, not spend money, in the sale of your property. Our staging fees remain 15% less than our closest competitor, on average.

We are working on your side, in your interest. It starts with good design, but not far behind is our exemplary customer service- topped off with our competitive pricing. As your partner in real estate we promise to help you make the most money and save too.

Our goal is to support you in achieving your goal of a speedy sale at top dollar, without breaking the bank. Being responsive to our client’s needs was key when I started back in 2009 and it remains key to our business today. You can count us to offer the largest inventory, the most experience and the best price - every time. It is our sincere passion and pleasure to do so.

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